Dr Sona Kakar MD is a psychiatrist and practitioner of psychoanalytic therapy  in a shortened format as practised by contemporary psychoanalysts all over the world. She has an additional training of 3 and a half years in intensive short term dynamic therapy and has attended training workshops  by international trainers .She has also attended the annual conference on the Metapsychology of the Unconscious by Dr Habib Davanloo MD at Montreal  often known as the father of modern psychoanalysis and has done pioneering work in the field of psychoanalytic therapy by shortening its duration and developed the ISTDP model .

She is a practitioner of the dynamic therapy model which is based on the constructs of psychoanalysis where past unconscious conflicts are worked through which are repeating in the current relationship.This form of therapy has shown a lower chance of relapse of symptoms and deeper personality shifts towards better productivity and reaching higher levels of personal capacity in work and relationships.

She conducts workshops on aspects of dynamic therapy,couples therapy and psychological illnesses at various medical associations like the Indian Medical Association( IMA), Indian Association of Private Psychiatry( IAPP) and Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS). She and the couple work together towards more awareness about emotions, thought and behaviour involved in the interaction of the couple and their interaction in general. For appointment with the doctor you could call / message on  9100221111 or mail – drsonakakar@gmail.com