How is it different from other therapies?

Practicing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy requires many years of training and supervision whereas most other psychotherapy approaches  are  structured, taught  over a few weeks or months and usually follow a prescribed manual.

The focus continues to be on working on difficulties in experiencing and expressing emotions in a healthy adaptive way rather than only thoughts or behaviors

The attention is also on anxiety experienced

Inevitably in life we  will experience conflicts with others.  When conflicts occur, we experience feelings.  These feelings,make us aware of what we want.   However, most patients seek therapy because they cannot channel their feelings into effective action.  Instead, they become anxious and use defenses.  During sessions the primary task continues to be to generate awareness on a moment to moment basis in the client if he may be unconsciously using self defeating patterns , help him choose to turn against unhealthy patterns and regulate his emotions to work towards  effective action