Dating can be fun but also stressful.This blog is not about the precautions in dating online ,rather it looks at examining the anxiety associated with dating a new person in general.

Dating a new person could be very intimidating for some.It just reminds a person how it is important to be on their best behavior  Dates especially new ones may be putting out who they are’nt and  are often out to please .

A few tips on how not to let the experience of dating get coloured by past experiences and anxiety.
1. Keep the monster out
When you are dating someone, often anxiety and anxiety generating thoughts will accompany you into a potentially beautiful new experience. Thoughts about being judged, rejected, humiliated or making a mistake  could color your mood and perception about the person you’re dating. Keeping a check on such crippling thoughts is a huge task for dating couples.
2. Check your feelings
Feelings from the past related to previous relationships may transfer onto your current relationship and you may see your dating partner with the same lens. It is important to see the person for who the person is rather than who we believe they may turn out to be. The only way one can know that is when the relationship is explored and we see the real person and have enough information about him/her to see the difference between past relationships and this one.
3. Be real
Would you like to date a person you don’t know? Remember, your date feels the same way. Choose to be real over nice.
4.Trust your feelings and judgement
If there is a conflict, talk about it and see how your date reacts to it. Conflicts are inevitable when you date but how you resolve them will show you how far the relationship can go. Trust your own feelings about the person you are dating and honestly let them know what you truly experience with them including irritation, warmth and love.
5. Be truthful
The truth is not always bitter. Showing a reflection to your date without condemning or judging them will make them thank you for being the most honest and caring friend they have ever had. willing to learn
Enjoy like you are capable of but be careful not to be blinded to the difficult part of the relationship. Each relationship generates strong emotions and dealing honestly with both anger and warmth towards the same person makes it more balanced . Introspect about what you like and what you don’t. It is sure to teach you a lot about yourself and about your date.