Psychotherapy could be Supportive by allowing people to just speak, reassure them, guidance recommending relaxation, building on interests etc.For example if a lady has a problem with her colleague at the work place,which has led to some psychological distress with symptoms of sleeplessness,irritability lack of concentration,reduced motivation,depressed mood or body aches and pains , supportive therapy offers her a non judgemental platform to talk about her problems,reassure her ,suggest alternatives to de stress and help her till she overcomes her current symptoms with or without medication.


Re educative with efforts at goal modification, living up to creative potentials, by behavior and thought modification   with or without looking at conscious conflicts .It includes client centred and cognitive behavioral therapy .For example a student who has not performed well in a particular examination may withdraw from his friends (behavior change) because he believes that now they look down upon him or may be making fun of him(thinking change),leading to isolation ,sadness ,lack of motivation and unfortunately sometimes suicidal thoughts.In reality it may or may not be the case and the student may suffer all the symptoms as he is responding to his thoughts and not reality and thus altering his own behavior



Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis are two such techniques,which if successful can be quite transformative , helping the person use the newly learnt self awareness to strengthen himself leading to personality growth and expansion. It provides insight into unconscious conflicts which have led to the suffering of the person so that he can make positive choices to free himself of his suffering.This form of therapy is less directive though the therapist may use suggestions to strengthen the clients ego from time to time.A lot of attention  is given to the relationship built with the therapist as well.  Together they work through self sabotaging patterns and anxiety which lead to his problems  in his other relationships and help him work through those with empathy.

This therapy is particularly useful where symptoms of sadness,somatic pain symptoms leading to chronic headaches, body pain,migraines decreased motivation, anxiety,stress,indecision,helplessness,self blame,excessive guilt may be causing the suffering.