Relationship between us and our will

Raazi a movie released in May 2018 is an excellent portrayal of the importance of will in our lives.A young daughter who grew up with the family tradition of only obeying her father’s will is a dynamic and brilliant personality. However modeling her choices based on the will of her father to live like a spy in Pakistan ( and here we note that her mother Soni Razdan exhibits no will to stop her daughter though she is obviously unhappy) she chooses to go with her father’s will rationalizing the need to be like her Father who sacrificed his own will to his fathers.

In her pursuit to be the daughter her father wants her to be, she marries a man from the enemy camp(Pakistan).But a shock awaits her.For the first time there is a person who understands and respects her will and is willing to overlook his wish for intimacy with his wife till she is willing. A new kind of relationship is born for Sehmat . One where her will can be accepted.

The movie then moves beautifully to several incidents where she will need to kill in an unplanned situation ,kill in a planned attack,and be willing to kill even her husband who she has come to like, on being discovered.The guilt mounts but yet the job goes on as there is no ownership of her will. She still feels she is doing it for her father and so the will becomes his and not hers and she can manage her guilt. And that is why we continue to feel sorry for her even though her murderous spree goes on.

When she sees that her husband  who she was trying to save is also killed by her trainers does she realize that her own will has ceased to exist  and  she was only executing her fathers will(as projected on her trainer Jaideep Alhawats ) which was to live a life of murder,deceit and sacrifice which she had identified as her own.

A sad end awaits the girl as she truly realizes that it is she who has murdered people even though she just followed her fathers will and will have to bear the burden of guilt. She chooses (wants) to keep her pregnancy(life) as she wants no more murders.

Akin to what is represented in this brilliant movie,we may choose to go along with other significant peoples will just to keep a relationship but live with enormous resentment and guilt because we may do things which may be hurtful to others and us.

A girl who married a man her father wanted her to marry,said yes to the marriage but  lived with a lot of anger towards her husband whenever he would be around but also felt guilt at not being honest with him that she was not interested in a relationship with him. Years went by with no happiness and intense suffering till the husband left her unable to withstand rejection. She now lived with even more guilt for destroying his life and sadness for wasting hers.