People ask me all the time about dreams . We know that according to psychotherapist Sigmund Freud who interpreted his own dreams while he wrote INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS in his self discovery   ,dreams are considered a road to the unconscious bringing up unconscious wish fulfilment disguised in dreams.

Movies made on dreams the recent one being Inception connect with audiences well because it opens up the intriguing world of dreams.Some dreams are repetitive and most dreams are forgotten.Often daily events get connected with deep psychologically repressed feelings,memories or experiences which were either forgotten or defended against by repressing them.

Some theorists consider characters in dreams an extension of parts of themselves and the conflict is often between these different projected parts.

A recent dream shared by a girl who had been dumped twice previously by her boyfriend but was sticking on in the relationship dreamt that someone was chasing her and she was fearful of being abused.She runs and finds a group of women who reassure her that she is safe.Here she could be splitting herself into 3 parts, the person who is scared,the person who reassures herself and the person who is abusive to herself by living in this constant conflict of indecisiveness,unable to move forward to find a solution .++

Of course dreams are not as simply interpreted and often connected to deeper meanings often showing a way to what we consciously may not be reflecting upon.Sometimes both animate and inanimate objects in dreams also carry special meanings.

Dreams diaries are encouraged in classical psychoanalysis as well by psychodynamic therapists to work together with the client to understand the messages from the unconscious to help resolve conflicts consciously…..

As a person begins their inward journey they can begin to examine self defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs and consciously works towards his greatest potential.